Universität Hamburg and the Institute of English and American Studies will be hosting the 17. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium (NLK) from 31 March to 2 April 2016 at the Warburg-Haus. Pending funding, we aim to publish an anthology of articles on the best ten lectures held at the conference.

2016 NLK Colloquium Program

The NLK is a two-day-event centering on three main sections that consist of fifteen-minute-lectures and ensuing discussions of about five minutes. Altogether, each lecturer will have the option of organizing three twenty-minute lectures into 60-minute-blocks, provided their content is congruent as to methodology and/or content. This schedule may be subject to change.


The NLK stands in a long tradition of promoting young linguists in northern Germany. It aims to

  • encourage research activities, in particular by promoting students, young academics and researchers;
  • present the latest linguistic research results and methods to a broad public, including interested students and audiences from all walks of life;
  • facilitate and stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue;
  • foster young academics from the region;
  • bridge the gap between academia and the public.

History and goals of the NLK

From its inception in Bad Bederkesa, Lower Saxony in 1989, the Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium has been offering a new form of academic exchange. Targeting talented students and young researchers from north German universities, it has become a significant forum for boosting careers in linguistics. The NLK particularly focuses on introducing aspiring young linguists to academic panels within the NLK. It thus provides newcomers with a valuable opportunity to build core skills and gain valuable experience in the academic arena. Understanding itself as a platform for intellectual exchange, the NLK is very intent on fostering relationships between renowned academics and talented graduates on the cusp of their professional life.

Furthermore, the NLK hopes to increase the publics’ interest in language matters and news as a means to expand common knowledge and understanding of linguistics. The NLK has long distinguished itself as a gateway to the latest linguistic insights, phenomena, and research methods. It concentrates strongly on not only addressing students and established researchers across academic disciplines but also the general public.

Therefore, all interested audiences are welcome! A broad spectrum of participants is essential for the success of this conference.

The NLK organizational team is very pleased to announce that the 17th Colloquium can be held at the Warburg-Haus in Hamburg Eppendorf from 31 March to 2 April 2016. The historic house is a picturesque conference venue and we are very grateful to the Aby-Warburg-Stiftung for their generous support and for offering their beautiful location once again after 2010.